How Do the Courses Work?

Most of our courses contain video presentations of accomplished educators sharing their expertise to impact your classroom!  These presentations can be viewed anywhere you have an internet connection on your computer, tablet, or smart phone! All materials are submitted to us for grading electronically and are Pass/Fail.      

What is the Difference Between Taking the Course for Credit vs Clock Hours?

The amount of coursework associated with the presentations varies based on whether you choose to take the class for credit or clock hours.  In general, credit classes involve notes, a few short papers, and assignments.  The clock hour courses involve the same content but generally only notes on the presentation are required for course completion.

Are These Graduate-Level Courses?

All courses are "Post-Baccalaureate" courses through Eastern Washington University, an accredited institution.  Teachers in multiple states have been using these courses for salary advancement/re-certification for over 10 years.  Always check with your district/state to be sure before beginning any professional development course.

How is the Coursework Delivered?

Upon registration, you will automatically receive and email that includes a link to PDF file of all course materials including, syllabus, courses requirements, video presentations, presenter resources, & more!

How Long Do I Have To Complete a Course?

You have one year from the time of registration to finish any course although most finish within a couple of weeks.  Work at your own pace, on your own schedule to fit your busy lifestyle!