How Can Excel Education Consulting Help Your School/District?

Our staff of experienced educational leaders have over 100 years of combined experience in teaching, leading, and consulting!  We can partner with your teachers and administrators to improve student learning with proven research-based strategies.  

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Educational Consulting

Classroom Management


A well run classroom with predictable routines and expectations assists teachers in growing student academically. Learn how classroom management can effectively help you meet the needs of your diverse learners!

Social Emotional Learning


Students must be well-regulated in order to access the higher centers of their brain and to meet high academic standards. Learn more about how behavior affects a child's ability to learn and a teacher's ability to teach. We share effective evidence based strategies to promote self-regulation by both students and teachers.

Reading Literacy


To promote literacy and accelerate learning, our education consulting helps teachers further develop a toolbox of effective, evidence-based classroom strategies. We also work with building and/or district leadership to enhance an infrastructure that establishes goals, effective assessment and instructional practices, commitment and a thoughtful professional development plan. 

Bilingual Education


Meeting the needs of a diverse population of students whose first language is not English can be daunting. Contact us to see how we can help the process of language development and grow your expertise in meeting students with their language development skills.

Professional Learning Communities


Together Everyone Achieves More! Learn from our experienced leaders about how PLCs can help your team become more productive, instructionally effective and grow your students academic abilities. 

Trauma Informed Care


The challenges children have been born into and the impact these challenges have on their ability to learn are ever present. Learn how to coach resiliency in yourself and in your students. All it takes is a meaningful relationship with one caring adult. Maybe that's you!